About this Position

We are looking for a technologist who’s been in the weeds of cloud computing, has been bitten by the complexity of it and is ready to help us make it dramatically simpler.

Directors of Product at Gravitational are not afraid to get their hands dirty with cloud APIs, programming languages, and complex real-world use cases presented by our customers.

A candidate must understand how computers work and what role an operating system plays. A candidate should know why the Linux kernel is written in C and not any other language, know what a syscall is, and be comfortable exploring /proc and /sys.

Attention to detail, strong organization and communication skills are a must. But most importantly, you must be excited about fighting the complexity of realities of the modern DevOps and you see Kubernetes as a suitable weapon.


In this role, you will be working on Gravity, our Kubernetes-based application packaging solution which enables applications to run in thousands of locations. Your responsibilities will be:

  • Work closely with the CEO and CTO to promote the company vision both internally and externally.
  • Define and continuously sharpen product positioning. Maintain and enforce the product messaging guide.
  • Own the product roadmap and the documentation.
  • Regularly interact with customers and the open-source community to solicit product usage feedback.
  • Define product success criteria, helping lead improvements for customer onboarding and successful Gravity deployments.
  • Closely work with the developer evangelism group to create usage examples, educational materials.
  • Partner with the Marketing team on marketing collateral.


We expect the candidates to have hands-on experience developing applications in the past, who’re transitioning into product management. Ideally, you should be an expert in the following:

  • Modern CI/CD best practices for complex cloud applications.
  • Kubernetes and other forms of container-based orchestration.
  • Linux internals such as networking, kernel capabilities, etc.
  • Up to date knowledge of popular cloud platforms, including AWS.
  • Recent experience with popular DevOps tools like Ansible or Terraform.
  • Recent programming experience.

Past experience with bare-metal provisioning, PXE-booting, VMware and Open Stack would be a huge plus.