You will be working on our open source products:

  • Teleport - the smart replacement for OpenSSH.
  • Gravity - image-based deployment solution for Kubernetes applications.

Both products are written in Golang, with small parts of C; web-based UIs are written in JavaScript with React.
Here is why we love this job ourselves, and hope you will enjoy it too:

  • The range of problem solving includes various security aspects of networking, Linux and cryptography engineering
  • Build and test cycles are measured in seconds, integration tests are running in minutes.
  • Most of the code you will write will be open source.
  • Our products are used by modern companies who are serious about security, you’ll get to talk to some of them on Slack.
  • We practice thorough code reviews and have an open design process.

Here are some of the example projects you may be working on:

  • Working on SELinux and eBPF integration of Teleport
  • Adding new security features to client side, like integration with TPM devices, ephemeral client certificates
  • Going though security audits with third party auditors
  • Performing fuzzing and other automated and manual reviews of Teleport system

You should have solid understanding of cryptography engineering, OS, networking and language runtime aspects of building secure systems.

Our programming languages of choice are Go (most of the time) and a small subset of C code whenever we have to resort to it (e.g. PAM Linux subsystem and other integrations)