You will be working with the team building one of our key products, Gravity - image-based deployment solution for Kubernetes applications.

This team is distributed across our Seattle, Toronto, and Oakland offices and some remote engineers joining from Germany, Italy and different parts of the U.S.

Here are the responsibilities you will be carrying on:

  • Help team members to be productive by organizing milestones, helping with priorities, scope, and budget.
  • Facilitate productive collaboration between engineering and product teams on delivering high-quality features and improvements.
  • Hack alongside the team on complex systems engineering problems using Go and Linux.
  • Help team members develop their skills through feedback sessions, 1x1s, building career development plans and evaluate their performance and salaries on a regular basis.
  • Recruit, hire and train new team members.

Here is why we love this job ourselves and hope you will enjoy it too:

  • The range of problem-solving includes networking, performance, security, and integrations with existing systems.
  • Most of the code your team is working on is open source.
  • Our products are loved by their users, you’ll get to talk to some of them on Slack.
  • We practice thorough code reviews and have an open design process.
  • The product is written Golang with web-based UIs written in JavaScript with React.