You will be working on one of our open source products:

  • Teleport - the smart replacement for OpenSSH.
  • Gravity - image-based deployment solution for Kubernetes applications.

Both products are written in Golang with web-based UIs written in JavaScript with React.
Here is why we love this job ourselves, and hope you will enjoy it too:

  • The range of problem solving includes networking, performance, security and integrations with existing systems.
  • Build and test cycles are measured in seconds, integration tests are running in minutes.
  • Most of the code you will write will be open source.
  • Our products are loved by their users, you’ll get to talk to some of them on Slack.
  • We practice thorough code reviews and have an open design process.

Here are some of the example projects you may be working on:

  • Improving Kubernetes protocol support in our proxy.
  • Building backed integrations with cloud provider's managed databases.
  • Working on salability and resiliency of clusters with 10K+ nodes.
  • Implementing advanced HTTPS proxy with identity aware access control.

You should be comfortable changing the area of focus and working directly with customers.